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Although we do not have gallery space, Oh-Là-! is located in charming Old Mandeville, on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain, 45 minutes from New Orleans. Nancy welcomes visitors and will be happy to show you some Louisiana hospitality, zip you around Mandeville for a tour, invite you into her home to view her personal collection and to meet her dogs Sarge and Erzulie (Vodou goddess of love) and of course to show you any items from the website collection that interest you.


Many thanks also go to Nancy Josephson, a friend to Nancy and a great friend to Haiti. Nancy is an artist and musician as well as a student of Vodou, and published, in 2007, Spirits in Sequins, Vodou Flags of Haiti, a comprehensive study and a dazzling photographic extravaganza, which she calls “a culmination of a decade of work and play in Haiti.” Nancy has generously allowed us to cite from her book throughout the website, and you can purchase it at She has had exhibits of her artwork in museums worldwide. Most recently she showed three rooms of artwork dedicated to the Vodou spirit, La Siren, at the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore, Maryland.

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Nancy has been very active in Haiti earthquake relief, and is on the Board of Art Creation Foundation for Children in Jacmel, Haiti.  Please meet Nancy and enjoy her video with the children,

 In a continuing effort to give back to a Haiti which needs everything but the indomitable spirit which keeps it alive and humming, a portion of our sales will go to support two organizations. Involved with these groups are personal friends who are devoted to Haiti, to its people, to its art, to its culture, and who are driven by a determination to help improve lives there.
Please visit them at: (see Nancy Josephson’s video above)

If you have a painting or other work of Haitian art that you would be interested in selling through our website, please email or call to discuss the conditions.


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Please e-mail Nancy or call with questions, to order, or to arrange to meet:

605 Oak Street, Mandeville, LA 70448
Please e-mail Nancy or call with question, to order, or to arrange to meet:
Phone: 985-264-9525
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